Advantages to living with a larger number of housemates

by Ed Firmin

Posted on Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 at 10:00

The UK’s biggest student house is in Plymouth, and houses 32 students. Regent House is 4 terraced houses all knocked together to create one massive communal student property.

Crazy, or what? There are 22 toilets and four kitchens and the students have to create a rota when it comes to meal times, so they all get a chance to cook for themselves. I can imagine life’s a bit hectic there, they have three cleaners on site six days a week just cleaning up after the students.

But the students that are there talk about how much fun it is, how it feels like a small community, and past housemates still come back to the property after they’ve left, just to join in the parties and catch up with friends.

There are advantages to living in a larger property, definitely. Although we don’t have a house on our books that’s anywhere near as big as 32 bedrooms, we do have some with enough for 7 or 10 students to all live together.

So why should you consider teaming up with more people to search for a bigger property?

I mentioned it above, but you can’t get more studenty than living in a large property together. You will probably have lived with a large number of people in your first year on campus, and this will be no different. It’s a great way to live your life while at university. There will definitely be no shortage of friends, a large support group and, I’m sure, parties (maybe go to someone else’s house for this).

If you recognise that there will be some discipline needed, such as cleaning rotas, possibly cooking rotas, house rules on parties and guests, then it can easily work. It may mean that you have to study in the library or elsewhere if you want some peace and quiet, so factor that in.

Sometimes, you’ll find that larger properties will sometimes have more included within the price, such as broadband, or even some of the utility bills. The standard of larger properties have been much improved over the past few years, and you are more likely to find things like en-suite bathrooms or TVs in each room, for example. So there are definite advantages to consider.

You may even find that the landlord will organise people to look after you, such as cleaners, just to ensure that the place doesn’t get out of control, we do know that students aren’t the cleanest of tenants!

So if you do have a large group of people that all want to live together, explore your options as a complete group before thinking you might have to split up, you might be surprised as to what’s on offer for you all. Although, not if you are a group of 32!!!

If you want to see what larger properties we have to offer for next year, please get in touch and we can arrange a viewing for you, but be quick, these properties do get snapped up fast!

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