How to choose your housemates

by Ed Firmin

Posted on Monday, November 23rd, 2015 at 10:00

Choosing who to live with is a big decision. If you’re going into your second year next year, you won’t have known people very long by now, so it’s wise to really think about whether friends will also be good housemates, because they might not be!

You’re probably going to have to choose between those that you are living in halls with at the moment, people on your course, as well as people you may know through societies or sports clubs.

So what should you think about when making this vital decision? Here are some tips to help you through the process.

  • What kind of people are they? Do they like to stay up into the small hours partying? If you do too, then that’s great, but if you like to get some shut eye, then it’s perhaps not going to work. You need to ensure your lifestyles are compatible, so if you like to be tidy and their room looks like a pigsty, then it’s probably going to cause some friction between you
  • If there is someone that you really want to live with, but you think that there might be some discord between them and the rest of the house, then perhaps it’s a good idea to sit around a table, and talk about it before you make a final decision. If they are willing to make an effort, or you put some house rules together they agree to abide by, then it could work. Some students I know have got a penalty system in place, so if one person doesn’t do the cleaning on their week, then they have to put a tenner in the jar which contributes to joint bills or going out money, or whatever. Essentially, there are consequences for their actions (or lack of!)
  • What are they like with their cash? If you are worried that they might not be able to keep up with the bills, then this could be a big worry. The last thing you want to be doing is bailing them out all the time. So again, a really frank conversation about budgets and sharing bills needs to be had before you agree to go house-hunting
  • If you are considering living with a boyfriend or girlfriend you’re currently going out with, I’d advise caution. You’ve probably not been going out with them long enough to know what they’re like, it’ll be completely different living with them! Remember that not only do you have to stay together until next year, you’ve then got another year after when you’ll actually be living with them. It could be extremely awkward if you’ve broken up. I’ve seen it lots of times before and it’s never pretty

So please don’t rush in before you’ve thought about it and really considered how you’re all going to get along under the same roof. A little preparation now could save a lot of misery down the line.

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