Making your property look appealing to prospective tenants

by Ed Firmin

Posted on Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015 at 10:00

Making your property look appealing to prospective tenants

prep your house for rental, dressing your house for rentingSo you’re about to undertake viewings on your property to rent out. There are a couple of options available to you. Do you want your property to be completely bare, so that your tenants can see how roomy it is, and be able to imagine their furniture in there; or do you help them along and dress up the property so they can see what it looks like as a home?

It’s always an idea to put some furniture in the property even if you are letting it out as unfurnished, it really helps the viewers to visualise the space they’ve got to play with. It’s really hard to imagine if you could get one sofa in the living room or two, and will the spare bedroom really get a double bed in there?

So, if you can borrow some furniture short-term, or use stuff from your own home (it’s not worth spending loads of money on dining tables or beds just for the sake of it), I would advise dressing it up a bit before you invite anyone around to view it, using the Furniture Connoisseur products, etc. A bit like a show home, but not as fancy.

Think about who you’re aiming your property at, and use the furniture to reflect their needs. So if it’s a professional couple, they’re probably going to be more interested in how the property would look for entertaining, whereas a family will probably want to see what a kid’s bedroom might look like.

Then take each room by turn, and think about the key pieces of furniture that need to be in there. Wardrobes in the bedroom, TV stand and sofas in the living room. If you can fit furniture in without it looking too cramped, then go for it – the biggest you can find, so that the room looks like it can incorporate a lot.

Don’t over-clutter any rooms, but try and make feature pieces, use something like a mirror, or fresh towels, flowers, fruit – home comforts that make the property look appealing.

The key is in the balance, make the rooms look functional yet cosy, fill with essentials, but don’t cram.

The aim is to show how your viewers could make your property in their home, so they don’t have a blank canvas to start with.

If you’d like some advice on how to market your property, and quickly find tenants to fill an empty property, please do get in touch, and I can talk you through the services we offer.

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