Student, It’s time to party!

by Ed Firmin

Posted on Friday, August 7th, 2015 at 10:04

The festival season is well and truly underway, particularly if you’re a student, I’m sure many of you are planning on going to a festival at some point, whether it’s local, national or even international.

There’s a definite art to packing for a festival, and if you’ve not been to one before, it’s hard to know what to take. So here’s a handy guide on what is essential to pack and what you need to survive, whatever the weather.

  • You’ll obviously need a tent, but don’t forget the mallet and pegs! It’s worth taking something which you can tie to the top of your tent, so you can easily find it amidst the thousands of others.
  • Take a mat to put beneath your sleeping bag, but having a roll of bin bags can be really useful, to keep things dry, for rubbish and dirty clothes too.
  • When you’re sleeping at night, ear plugs are a must if you want any chance of getting some shut eye. And to find your way in the dark a head torch can be useful.
  • You can use your mobile, but a torch will save your battery.
  • And some extra layers will help as the temperature drops. If rain is forecast then you’ll need the obligatory wellies; that goes without saying. But you should also buy a waterproof mac (you can get them quite cheaply), one of the ones that folds up into a bag.
  • If it’s going to be hot, don’t forget the sun cream, and bottles of water. You will be able to fill up your bottles at the taps that all festivals provide, so keep them when they are empty.
  • Keeping clean is difficult at festivals, so a pack of baby wipes will be your best friend. Likewise, a bottle of hand sanitiser is also useful to have. If you aren’t able to get to a shower as often as you want, dry shampoo or even some talcum powder can help freshen up your hair
  • You won’t be able to charge your mobile in the usual way, so invest in a mobile charger that doesn’t have to plug into the mains.
  • You’ll need to ensure you are contactable at all times, especially if you get separated from your group and can’t find them. A bum bag is very 90s but great to keep your mobile, and your money safe.

So as long as you have all of the above, you’ll be ok! Enjoy your festival, stay safe and take lots of photos!

And remember, I’m around all summer if you have any questions you need to ask before coming back in September, you can contact me here.

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