Landlords, it’s all white!

by Ed Firmin

Posted on Saturday, August 8th, 2015 at 10:29

White goods. Fridge, washing machines and dishwashers. They’re an integral part of a property, and in the majority of cases, although they don’t have to, landlords will provide them for their tenants. They’re considered essential amenities, and tenants do expect to move into a property where they can at least wash their clothes and chill their food.

As most student properties are let as furnished, then you’ll probably be obliged to provide at least the basics – a fridge/freezer, washing machine, cooker.

However, landlords are obliged to ensure that electrical equipment is safe, so you might as well swallow any costs associated with the upkeep of a fridge or washing machine on that basis.

Knowing students as I do, a microwave is probably as essential, if not more so (!) than a cooker. They’re probably the cheapest out of the lot of them, but the one that’s used the most by students. So I would advise putting one in the property.

But, how far should a landlord go? Is a dishwasher considered essential white goods? Is it a deal breaker? Is it worth investing a couple of hundred pounds if it puts you ahead of other rental properties in the same area? You do need to think about space, a dishwasher will take up space equivalent to a whole cupboard; with 5 or 6 students living together, it might be space better used to store food and pans. They’re probably more likely to break down or need repairs compared to other white goods, so if you were going to not install one, it would be this.

Whatever appliances you do or don’t decide to provide, I would advise that it’s worth spending a bit more on quality brands, they’re less likely to break or require maintenance, which could be costly, also think about extended warranties especially for washing machines and dryers.

I’m around if you’d like to get some advice, always happy to talk fridges and freezers! You can contact me here, I can recommend which brands, in my experience, are more long lasting too.


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