Perfect pets: how to show your landlord you’re a responsible animal owner

by Ed Firmin

Posted on Wednesday, August 10th, 2016 at 18:57

Perfect pets: how to show your landlord you’re a responsible animal owner


Over the past few decades, tenants’ expectations in the UK have increased no end. It’s no longer acceptable to offer a substandard property for rent and presentation is paramount.


So with the huge investment landlords are making, it’s no wonder they are often reluctant to encourage pets. Here are some tips from our friends at Pet Consider to show landlords they can trust not only you – but your pets as well.


1. Take your time

Don’t rush to find your next property. Your new landlord is likely to query whether there is a problem with your pet if you appear desperate to move. Allow yourself a minimum of two calendar months to find suitable accommodation. Be flexible when considering locations as there may not be many pet-friendly properties available in your preferred area. If you have an exotic pet such as a hedgehog make sure you have a cage for him and hedgehog toys and accessories to keep him busy and happy.


2. Propose a pet deposit

If you’re confident about your pet’s behaviour, offer to pay a higher deposit. This will show your landlord you are responsible and are willing to vouch for your pet. It will also assure your landlord there is enough money to rectify any damages caused.


3. Build a bio

It may sound absurd, but more and more landlords are requesting to view pet CVs before they decide whether to accept animals. On the CV you could include the following details: your local vet; your dog-sitter while you are on holiday or in case of emergency; your animal’s age and general temperament; vaccination history; worming and flea treatments; and general notes such as how you keep them clean. You can find pet CV templates on various animal charity websites such as Dogs Trust.


4. Supply a reference

Again, this may sound a bit far fetched. But providing a reference can also help, as your landlord can see that someone else is willing to vouch for your pet and corroborate that it is well behaved. Chose someone who knows your pet well, or even better, ask your previous landlord to confirm that no damage was caused to the property during your tenancy.


5. Introduce your animals

If feasible, bring your pet along to your property viewing, or any initial meeting with your agent or landlord, to show how well behaved they are.


6. Make it official

Don’t be sneaky about having pets. At best it can cause ill feeling between you and your landlord. At worst it could lead to the termination of your tenancy. During a property inspection I once found two cats had appeared from nowhere. Although the tenant claimed they were looking after them for a friend who was on holiday, they were still resident when I returned two months later. This caused a great deal of anxiety for everyone and tainted the tenant-landlord relationship from that point onwards. Where pets are allowed, it’s a good idea to get it in writing from the outset (perhaps as an additional clause in your tenancy agreement).


7. Go the extra mile

As a gesture of good will you could offer to have the property professionally cleaned at the end of your tenancy. Again, this shows your landlord you are a responsible pet owner and that the property will be returned in the same clean, tidy, flea-free and hair-free condition as you found it.


Allowing pets can be a concern for landlords, but following these tips will help you convince yours that you and your furry friends will make the perfect tenants.

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