So your tenant’s moving in with pets…

by Ed Firmin

Posted on Monday, November 9th, 2015 at 10:00

You’ve made the decision to let a tenant move in with their pet.

Ideally, you’ll have already done checks, such as contacting the vet who treats the pet that’s moving in to ensure that the pet has had all of its vaccinations and is well looked after.

You probably should also contact any previous landlord if you can, and ask them how well behaved the pet was, and what state the property was left in.

Background research done, I would advise putting additional procedures in place, to set out how you expect your tenant to look after the property when there are pets involved.

What should you ask your tenant to do?

  • It’s advisable for you to have an emergency contact for the pet, in case the tenant is unexpectedly detained from the property. That way, you can get in contact with someone who knows how to look after the pet, what food they need, and if necessary, can take them home with them if the tenant won’t be around for a period of time
  • Likewise, tenants should ensure that their pets aren’t left on their own for too long. For example, if they work full time, then they should make provisions for the pet to be looked after in their absence if needed, so they are kept adequately fed, watered and exercised. This will obviously apply to pets like dogs, but not necessarily for cats, fish etc.
  • You can ask the tenant to put down a higher than normal deposit. This will help to cover any damage that may be caused by the pet to the home, furnishings or garden
  • You can also ask your tenant to have the carpets professionally cleaned when they leave the property. This would include treating for any mites or fleas that may have made their way into the fabric
  • You should ask your tenant to ensure their pet doesn’t cause any nuisance to neighbours, either by being too noisy, or escaping into their property. You may want to ensure that the garden boundaries are completely secure before the pet moves in, and ask your tenant to check fences are intact, and that gates are closed at all times

Letting properties with pets should provide no extra hassle as long as you have put adequate provisions in place. I’ve had a few chats with Vancouver movers, over there the pet laws for apartment renting are so strict, it would make your head spin. I am a pet-friendly letting agent, and have several properties under my wing with pets living there. If you would like any advice on things you need to consider when renting out a property where pets are involved, then please get in touch.

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